“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”
- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Moments…that’s what usually brings people together. The thought of your first time riding a bike or sharing a first kiss with the one you love. These are the moments in which we will always remember. Sometimes we often forget what make a photograph beautiful…it’s the memories. Capturing a warm embrace, gentle laughter or tears of joy are what sparks remembrances of instances. Years later when you’re reviewing your album or looking at that particular portrait on your wall, then you’ll be transported to the day it took place. Let Lyte Photography help you on that journey.


About James Hippolyte

About 12 years I was introduced to the world of photography by a friend having a casual conversation. This conversation sparked a huge interest in my to find out more. Ever since, that conversation I was propelled to capture someones event, the tear from a father walking his daughter towards her future husband. Let's sit down and talk about your upcoming event and how we can capture it together.